Empowerment Nights

Join our Empowerment Nights group on Tuesdays from 4:30pm – 6:30pm to learn about healthy living skills with your Hmong sisters.  Space is limited, please register with Va Yang @414-462-5031.


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The Hmong American Women’s Association names Tammie Xiong as their new Executive Director. The Hmong American Women’s Association officially announces Tammie Xiong as their new Executive Director. “I think about the legacy of this organization and what it has done for Hmong women and girls and it truly humbles me that I get to serve a community I care so much about,” Xiong says about her new role. “I’m excited to join the HAWA team, which has an exceptional team with some of the most resilient, intelligent and strong Hmong women leaders I have ever met.” HAWA has provided social services, cultural programming, and leadership development for Hmong women and girls in Milwaukee since 1996. In fact, Xiong’s mother, Nor Yang, was one of the founding members of the organization. “My mother is really the reason why I care so much about Hmong women’s issues,” Xiong says about her mother’s impact and influence in herlife. “I remember volunteering as a youth to watch children in one room while my mother was working in the next room with the group of Hmong mothers. She has been the best example of what advocating and building sisterhood looks like. I want to continue that legacy of building sisterhood and supporting one another as Hmong women and girls.”Since early 2000s, HAWA has provided domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy services to respond to the growing cases of gender-based violence happening within the community. Theirmission is to advocate for social justice through collective action. Ahmee Vang, Board Chair is pleased with this decision and fully supports Tammie’s transition ofher new role as Executive Director. “We, as the board, are excited to strengthen HAWA’s current programming as well as add on other services such as mental health support and employment development to help the clients that we serve. We believe Tammie can really help to make this happen for the organization.”

Condolences to the Thao family; Milwaukee, WI

The Hmong American Women’s Association gives our condolences to Bill Thao’s family and for their loss. Unfortunately gun violence in Milwaukee has resulted in innocent lives being taken away too soon. We remember other young victims we have lost this year to gun violence in Milwaukee as well which include Sierra Guyton (10), and Layla Peterson (5).
HAWA recognizes that it will take a community effort to resolve violence that is tearing neighborhoods and the families within them apart. It will take community leaders, community members, local law enforcement and local city officials to come together to work in eliminating violence from our streets and our neighborhoods.  As an organization dedicating its resources to ending violence within families, we understand the horrific impact that violence imparts on families who are victims of it, and a community that is witness to it.
It is our hope that as a community we can collectively come together for the sake of protecting the place we all call home.
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HAWA is proud to present its first Hmong Women Art Exhibition


HAWA is very excited to announce the first ever art gallery showing in Milwaukee. Over the years, HAWA has accumulated many art pieces that were created not only from victims and survivors, but from local artists who desired to shine the light on the lives of these women. With leadership from HAWA’s Sexual Assualt Coordinator, Joua Yang, HAWA is excited to announce their first art gallery showing in Milwaukee, where the art pieces celebrating Hmong sisters can be shared.

With the generous space donation by the Walkers Point Center for the Arts, HAWA is deeply encouraged and thankful that the center understands our mission and has allowed us a beautiful place to showcase and celebrate the lives of Hmong women. Walkers Point Center for the Arts is a nonprofit organization that supports visual arts, performing arts, multicultural learning, and education. For more information, please visit their website at: http://wpca-milwaukee.org/

Some featured pieces in the exhibition will include:

  • The Paj Yeeb Project
  • Elders Speak Out Against Abuse
  • Portraits of Hmong Women Documentary-Essay by artist Kou Vang
  • And many more! 

Come join and honor with us the lives of these many women. Through events like this, we will be able to join hands to empower our community.

  • Snacks and refreshments will be provided
  • Donations are welcome, but not required
  • SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2014 from 3:00PM – 7:00PM
  • ADDRESS: Walkers Point Center for the Arts: 839 S. 5th St. Milwaukee, WI 53204

Contact: Joua Yang @ 414-342-0858 or email @ jyang_hawa@yahoo.com

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Learn about the issues of AIM

Come join a FREE 1 hour session in which HAWA will be presenting about abusive international marriages (AIM). Learn about the issues of AIM and also the efforts of those passionately working to stop this practice. Space is limited so reserve your spot quickly! Please RSVP Tammie Xiong @ txiong_hawa@yahoo.com.


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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

HAWA is doing ‘Messages of Hope’ Photo Campaign for October Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Shedding light on an issue that affects families all over the world. Please follow us on HAWA Facebook Page for daily message throughout the month.  

HAWA is also part the Building Our Future Campaign to bring awareness on the issue of Abusive International Marriages/Relationship. The Day of Action is set for October 25, 2014.  Please help us bring awareness that Domestic violence and the practice of abusive international marriages/relationships are not just women’s issues, but all of our issues. We must stand together for healthy and safe families.  For more updates, please follow us on the Building Our Future Campaign Facebook Page.  


Please support us in sharing this public service announcement. For more updates, Please follow us on the Hmong Domestic Violence Facebook page.  Stay safe! 

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