Meet the Staff and Board

HAWA staff and their thoughts on what it means to be a Hmong woman.

Tammie Xiong, Executive Director

I think about the legacy of this organization and what it has done for Hmong women and girls and it truly humbles me that I get to serve a community I care so much about.”

Va Yang, Domestic Violence Case Manager

“When I think of a “Hmong woman”, what automatically comes to my mind are beautiful, elegant, obedient, hard worker, and dedicating her life to families.”

Joua Yang, Ntuj Tshiab- Sexual Assault Coordinator

“The spirit of Hmong women ricochets centuries of fresh springs webbing throughout valleys of the highlands, journeying with refined elegance and rhythmic robustness. We are at the forefront of what it means to be community. Givers of life, sustainers of hope, relievers of thirsty hearts, navigators of the lost, reflectors of colors and culture.”

Mai Xiong, Helpline Coordinator

Pangkou Vang, Youth & Children Coordinator

Mainou Xiong, Administrative Support Coordinator

HAWA Board Members

Ahmee Vang, HAWA Board Co-Chair 2014
Union Rep for UFCW Local 1473
Ms. Vang’s job experiences include helping to bring financial access to underserved and underrepresented communities through a credit union movement. She has also worked as a peer advisor in educational capacities, helping to transition first generation and low-income students into higher education and teaching English. Ms. Vang’s goal as the HAWA Co-Chair is to provide outreach in developing work readiness programs and professional development.

Nia Phakeovilay, HAWA Board Secretary 2014
Library Assistant, Hmong American Peace Academy, International Peace Academy
Ms. Phakeovilay has a degree in Psychology with a minor in Women’s Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. While obtaining her degree, she helped start an organization for women of color. While serving on the board, Ms. Phakeovilay wants to take part in helping and educating the Hmong community to better understand women issues.

Choua Xiong, HAWA Board Treasurer 2014
Crisis Stabilizer for Integrity Family Services
Ms. Xiong graduated from Mount Mary University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and plans to go and obtain her Master’s in counseling in the near future. Ms. Xiong would like to focus on her Hmong community and use her profession, and her Board experience to help those in emotional and mental distress access appropriate care and support.

Chrisler Xiong, HAWA Board Member 2014