Niam Ntxhais

Niam Ntxhais – The Niam Ntxhais, or “Mother Daughter”, program brings together Hmong women and their daughters between the ages of 12 and 19 to explore the impact of culture, traditions, and beliefs system on Hmong women’s role, daily life, and well-being, while also stressing the importance of communication in overcoming domestic violence.  This program consists of 12 highly interactive workshops that are designed to strengthen communication, and inspire a generation of Hmong women and girls who are empowered to stay connected.

Niam Ntxhais meets on Fridays, once a month, from 5pm  until 7pm.  Participants will be entered in for a prize.  If you would like more information or to RSVP for a Niam Ntxhais workshop, please contact HAWA’s Youth Coordinator, Pangkou (Abby) Vang, at  You can also call HAWA at (414) 462-5031, for more information.

Upcoming Niam Ntxhais workshops for 2015:

  • dates to be announce


recap of last week Niam Ntxhais workshop:

Last week HAWA hosted a Niam Ntxhais workshop, a total of five mothers came with their daughter(s). During this workshop, it was meant to bring the mothers and daughter(s) closer in having a stronger bond in their relationships. This workshop as well as the activity that was done was meant for the mothers and daughters to share and build memories that they can look back on. The activity that was done for this workshop was making a tie blanket. With this activity its core focus was for the mother and daughter(s) to work on their communication skills and teamwork. This activity was meant for both mother and daughter(s) to have a conversation and be able to engage with one another. During this activity, those who already finished their tie blanket went and helped other mothers and daughter(s) who did not finished. Throughout this activity, many of the other mothers noticed that it takes more than one mother to help with making the tie blanket. During this activity, we learned that it take a village to raise a child. If we all take part in a child growth, the child can flourish into something more through all the help from other mothers as well as other peers.