Domestic Violence Services

HAWA is currently staffing an equivalent of two full-time advocates (Domestic Violence Case Manager and Youth Advocate).  The Domestic Violence Program is to provide survivors of domestic abuse and their children with comprehensive support and advocacy as they navigate the legal, health and social service systems. Our approach is based on the strength/empowerment model of advocacy where the survivor’s expertise regarding her life is listened to and honored. These services are designed to facilitate safety and self-sufficiency through self-determination for the survivors.

Many survivors utilize HAWA’s services as a last resort when they can no longer get the support of Hmong clan leaders and their immediate family members. As a result, HAWA must provide a comprehensive program for them when they seek help.

The following are some of the Domestic Violence Services for our clients:

  • Legal Advocacy / On-Going Advocacy
  • Safety planning
  • Crisis intervention
  • Support groups for victims/survivors
  • Support and accompaniment through legal, medical, and social services systems
  • Interpretation and referral services to clients and allies
  • Comprehensive service coordination based on the needs and goals of the participants
  • Provide resources and educational opportunities to assist family and friends impacted by domestic violence

If you or someone you know are going through a domestic violence situation, please to hesitate to contact us.  You do not have to feel alone and we are here to listen and support you in any way we can. We are here to help with resources, to help you cope, and better understand the healing process. Confidentially is our number one priority as well as your safety.

Our advocate can answer any questions you may have about our services. You can contact our office via phone (414)462-5031 or email:

You can also contact The Hmong Domestic Violence Helpline 1-877-740-4292