Do you have a passion for the Hmong community? If so, join our team at HAWA!  We are passionate in educating and advocating for the Hmong community. Lead discussions with the teens, provide & facilitate activities for children,  do outreach during community events, and more! Join us and make a positive impact today!

Volunteering for HAWA was actually a great experience for me. I got to help out at the HAWA booth during the hmong new year. It required me to use my social skills, which has helped me a lot. I have become more outgoing and talkative from that experience.” – Meko Yang


In order to become a volunteer, the following steps are to be completed: (1) Volunteer Application, (2) Volunteer Questionnaire/forms,  (3) Applicant Review by Committee, (4) Notification to applicant of their status, and (5) Volunteer meeting/orientation.

If you are interested, please fill out the application form below and email it to hawamke@gmail.com or return it to HAWA Office during working hours. Thank you for your interest!

* HAWA Volunteer Application 2015