Hmong Domestic Violence Helpline

The Hmong Domestic Violence Helpline provides contacts and referrals wherever you reside in Wisconsin. The Helpline is answered by trained bilingual staff and volunteers who are fluent in both Hmong and English. The Hmong Domestic Violence Helpline staff and volunteers will be able to provide you with intervention, counseling services, support services, and referrals or linkage to other community resources.  The Helpline assists individuals who are facing life challenges or crisis from domestic violence.
  • Calls are confidential and anonymous
  • Hmong Domestic Violence Helpline is the first point of contact for referrals to the agencies closest to you who can assist in your needs
  • Answered by a Bilingual Hmong speaking person to assist you.
  • Provide information for service providers who are seeking for culturally competent services throughout the State of Wisconsin.


Find out more info at Hmong Domestic Violence Facebook