Condolences to the Thao family; Milwaukee, WI

The Hmong American Women’s Association gives our condolences to Bill Thao’s family and for their loss. Unfortunately gun violence in Milwaukee has resulted in innocent lives being taken away too soon. We remember other young victims we have lost this year to gun violence in Milwaukee as well which include Sierra Guyton (10), and Layla Peterson (5).
HAWA recognizes that it will take a community effort to resolve violence that is tearing neighborhoods and the families within them apart. It will take community leaders, community members, local law enforcement and local city officials to come together to work in eliminating violence from our streets and our neighborhoods.  As an organization dedicating its resources to ending violence within families, we understand the horrific impact that violence imparts on families who are victims of it, and a community that is witness to it.
It is our hope that as a community we can collectively come together for the sake of protecting the place we all call home.
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